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Our cows are a mixture of Gelbvieh and Angus breeds.  Gelbvieh cattle originated in Bavaria, and were used for both meat and dairy production. They produce large quantities of rich milk, keeping their calves  healthy and happy. Angus cattle are well known for their tasty meat. The beneficial genetic traits of both these breeds come through when they are cross-bred to a Wagyu bull, resulting in some of the highest quality beef available. Our cows are pasture grazed in fields that have never had chemical weed killers such as  2-4-D and Grazeon applied to them. Weeds are controlled by sustainable grazing practices and mowing before weeds can germinate. They are fed beer mash made from organic barley, oats, wheat and other grains from Mica Town brewery to mimic the 500 year old methods of the original Kobe beef producers in Japan.


Our blueberries were planted in specially mixed sandy soil with enough slope for adequate drainage. We go to great lengths to maintain optimal conditions for them by being conscious of their preferred soil pH and using bat guano as fertilizer. Our drip irrigation system assures that they never go thirsty, and also minimizes water waste. Berries are handpicked at peak ripeness and either immediately frozen or taken to market the next day.


We use a hands off approach as much as possible with our bees, preferring to let nature do most of the work. When mite treatment is is absolutely necessary, we utilize the safest options. We choose to help our bees more by maintaining a chemical free environment for them to forage.


Our work


      In 1816 a doctor and his young wife travelled to what is now the northwest corner of Rutherford county, N.C. to the new framed house waiting for them.  Soon after a wagon was dispatched to Charleston for the white paint that was to make the two-story home on the hill stand out in the area that was populated with simple log homes. The newly painted house was referred to as the “white house” and the village that grew around it became White House village. Today it is called Whitehouse Community.

     The doctor served the local community.  In addition, the Whitehouse and its over 300 acres was a working farm. In the 1830’s the house was remodeled to move an interior staircase to a door on the front porch to allow the doctor to see patients in the rooms upstairs without disturbing the family. An addition of a bedroom and a kitchen was added to the back of the house to replace the original kitchen which was separate from the house and had burned.

     Soon after the addition was built, the house came into my maternal great, great, great grandmother’s family (the Nobletts). They operated the farm and used the upstairs to sell medicinal plants and remedies and typical store goods. In 1871 Sylvester Mitchell and his wife Nancy Noblitt Mitchell built a large general store at the cross roads in front of the house. They operated the store until 1903 when it was sold to Govan Harris. His son, Verno Harris, ran the store until around 1950 when he built a concrete block store across the intersection from the old store. Tragically, Verno sold the old store in 1968 and the new owner demolished the old store and replaced it with the existing store.

    Our family is gradually restoring the Whitehouse and now operate the remaining acres as Whitehouse Farm for the first time since the 1920’s.

Grandma Mitchell leads calf 1899



Home: 828-738-8437

Mobile: 828-460-7028

Ground Beef       $9.00/lb

Cubed Steak       $9.00/lb

Ribs                     $9.00/lb

Liver                    $9.00/lb

Stew Beef           $9.00/lb

Brisket                $12.00/lb

Sirloin Tip Roast $12.00/lb

Sirloin Steak      $18.00/lb

Skirt Steak         $18.00/lb

Flap Steak          $18.00/lb

Flank Steak        $18.00/lb

Tri-Tip                  $20.00/lb

New York Strip   $26.00/lb

Ribeyes               $30.00/lb

Filet Mignon       $32.00/lb


Blueberries  $5.00/pint


Honey           $10/pound


Free delivery within McDowell and Rutherford counties

Kobe Beef     Organic Blueberries    Honey





We maintain several honeybee colonies of Italian bees. What started as a one hive operation grew in conjunction with our daughter's growing interest in bees.


We offer a mix of poplar, clover and wildflower honey in the spring, and sourwood honey in the fall. All is raw and unfiltered.

Our blueberries are  a Tiff Blue rabbiteye variety. We grow them for their numerous health benefits. This nutrient dense, superfood has one of the highest levels of  antioxidants in any food. Blueberries are thought to help prevent cancer, boost brain health, and even combat aging.

We sell them frozen or fresh in season by the pint or gallon.

We raise American style Kobe beef, also known as Wagyu beef, which results from breeding Japanese Wagyu cattle with Angus cattle. Kobe meat's popularity comes from its' intense marbling and a high percentage of oleaginous unsaturated fat, giving it a rich, textured flavor.

We offer all cuts frozen and by the pound.

Grandma Mitchell on the front porch 1906

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