Our cows are a mixture of Gelbvieh and Angus breeds.  Gelbvieh cattle originated in Bavaria, and were used for both meat and dairy production. They produce large quantities of rich milk, keeping their calves  healthy and happy. Angus cattle are well known for their tasty meat. The beneficial genetic traits of both these breeds come through when they are cross-bred to a Wagyu bull, resulting in some of the highest quality beef available. Our cows are pasture grazed in fields that have never had chemical weed killers such as  2-4-D and Grazeon applied to them. Weeds are controlled by sustainable grazing practices and mowing before weeds can germinate. They are fed beer mash made from organic barley, oats, wheat and other grains from Mica Town brewery to mimic the 500 year old methods of the original Kobe beef producers in Japan.


Our blueberries were planted in specially mixed sandy soil with enough slope for adequate drainage. We go to great lengths to maintain optimal conditions for them by being conscious of their preferred soil pH and using bat guano as fertilizer. Our drip irrigation system assures that they never go thirsty, and also minimizes water waste. Berries are handpicked at peak ripeness and either immediately frozen or taken to market the next day.


We use a hands off approach as much as possible with our bees, preferring to let nature do most of the work. When mite treatment is is absolutely necessary, we utilize the safest options. We choose to help our bees more by maintaining a chemical free environment for them to forage.



Grandma Mitchell leads calf 1899

Kobe Beef     Organic Blueberries    Honey

Grandma Mitchell on the front porch 1906

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